Hello! I’m Benjamin Wagner, this is my blog, and today I… tell you a little about myself.

I am a student of the Japanese language and, as of the creation of this blog, am a student at an average UK university.

I like video games. A lot. Before the need for money crept up on me, I had an enviably large collection but despite the demolition of my collection, my love for games remains.

I like anime and this was the main reason for me becoming interested in Japanese and the culture of Japan. I know it is cliche, but without anime, I wouldn’t have discovered the language, the food and the un-localised games that I have come to love even more than the a-nime that bred my initial interest.

And the newest obsession of mine is J-Drama. I had always thought that Japanese acting was a little… unique. And it is. But this isn’t a bad thing, and I wish to chronicle my discoveries as I wade into the world of Japanese dramas.

So, why a blog? I wanted to start a YouTube channel but I hate my face and voice, so that didn’t work. So, a blog it is. I’m not here for fame or wealth. Instead, I’m just here to convey my loves and hates to the world. But… if it works as a portfolio of my writing for future employers, I wouldn’t be upset either.

PS. I have a webnovel on Royal Road that is currently going through another editing run after unanimous dislike from readers. The road is long and tough…

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