Terrace House Boys X Girls Next Door S4 (Ep 39-50): A new groove

Terrace House Boys X Girls Next Door S4 (Ep 39-50): A new groove

Hello. I’m Benjamin Wagner, this is my blog and today I jump back into the reality show I wish that I could enter. If only I were attractive. And Japanese. And it was still running.

Anyway, season 4 continues on from season 3, as it does in most shows. What is different here is that the quality doesn’t just carry over from the previous season, there is an argument to say that this season is even better than the last. The new housemates arrive quickly, there is plenty of action and more diverse characters on display. Enough foreplay. Time for the intercourse.

New Housemates:

Takechi Midori:

An unemployed person who wants to enter the fashion industry as a producer. Has a boyfriend but says they have a deal where they can cheat on each other.

First Impressions:

Very outgoing. Has a boyfriend but the happy to cheat on him deal irks me and gives me a negative impression of her. Seems to be half Japanese- half American. She also refers to herself as ‘Mi’ which fills me with an unexplainable rage.

Sumioka Rina:

A singer with an incredibly cute voice. She has a recording deal and seems to be more of an indie style performer. Also poetic.

First Impressions:

I like her. She seems polite, friendly but a little bit reserved. Hard to tell from the early interactions but she seems like my type.

Imai Yosuke:

A man who works in a shop whilst trying to earn enough money with his photography.

First Impressions:

Seemingly a little more mature than those around him. Appears grounded and if his life experiences have given him a laid back air of confidence. (I was so wrong about him in the best way possible)

Dyki’s unlucky break (Raomaru’s rise)

Undoubtedly the most dramatic storyline that this show has produced (and that probably applies to the entirety of Terrace House) is the heartbreaking end to Dyki’s career as a kickboxer. Just weeks after his dream of becoming the champion came true, a trip to the doctor’s surgery reveals a brain injury. This injury is so serious that it would impossible for him to keep kickboxing; his gym leader telling him as much. This is one of the most real and heartbreaking things I have ever seen on reality TV. Dyki, a man whose relentless cheerfulness and positive outlook is tested as everything he has worked for is cruelly stolen away from him through no fault of his own. The scene in which he reveals to the housemates that he has no future in the industry he had been working in and the dreams he has held for years is dead. Everybody cries and invite him to stay longer; to give him stability and support whilst he tries to find something else to pursue.

I felt for Dyki so much. When watching this for the first time, all three of us sat there in silence and just took it in. The unbelievable sadness that envelopes you seems so scripted but the pain in Dyki’s eyes shows that it isn’t. So do the reactions of his friends. No. His greatest friend; fellow kickboxer Raomaru. Dyki reveals his predicament to him and he remains strong for him; spending time with him and supporting him, only crying when he leaves. This scene feels so, so real. Far from the American-style drama that Seina brought. Well, speaking of Seina.

Midori is… interesting. But also not. (She dated Masato. That is hilarious)

I don’t know why I dislike Midori. She is only in the house for this single season and makes a little impact; with her career goals given only a small focus and her affection for Yosuke burning out in a couple of half-hearted dates. I’ll admit that I don’t find her attractive but there is just something else about her that didn’t click. And that’s the stupid cheat on your boyfriend rule. Saying something like that is so, so stupid. Especially that when we meet her boyfriend, they are clearly in love and everything before feels like a shallow waste of time. Plus, he is a stunning man that she was lucky to land. I’m sure she is a fine friend to have but she has the Shota effect; forgettable. Be honest, do you remember who Shota Natsugawa from series one? I rest my case.

At least she left to free up a space for somebody more interesting.

Miwako endears herself to the audience.

Miwako truly grows out of her role in season 3. There she was subjected to the affections of young Tecchan and became a source of drama as she admitted her attraction to Dyki. However, with Seina, Hana and Aya out of the spotlight, Miwako gets the time to shine. She comes across as good-natured and pure. She gently pursues Dyki; letting him know that she likes him but he has no obligation to pursue a relationship with her. She confesses to him knowing that the love isn’t there but they continue as adults.

There is one scene that really won me over, however.

Whilst Dyki’s final match is ongoing, Miwako is at a big audition for her modelling career. And after making the last 8, she cries. These tears don’t seem like happy tears. They are more… melancholy. Miwako never really seemed comfortable doing gravure; an industry that seems to completely objectify women and is entirely reliant on how risque the model is willing to go. Miwako’s tears here, which she desperately fights back, shows her juggling her feelings and emotions whilst being as professional as possible. She is human. Anybody who says this show is fake should watch this scene and eat their bitter, bitter words.

With hindsight, I can see that she has entered the acting world (and is actually very good) so I know that this has a happy ending but I found this scene, almost as much as Dyki’s despair, to be deeply moving and made this season almost unforgettable. Miwako staying in the house longer to support Dyki is the icing on the cake. A truly beautiful human being.

Yosuke’s dramatic rise and incredible fall.

The panel make their first big impact with the fate of Imai Yosuke. A fairly cool guy who enters the house and draws the eyes of not just the female housemates but also our female panellists. Everything he did was lauded and he was knighted ‘Mister Perfect’. Boy how the mighty fall.

The thing is, he never pretended to be perfect and he was happy to take potshots at himself. This came across as charming until… well. He said this.

He reveals that he had hidden not just his previous marriage from the housemates but also the fact he has a child in Norway. I mean, that’s okay. Thousands of people get divorced every day. But it is from here that he opens up, becomes his true self and the never-ending shitshow starts.

Firstly, he admits he is attracted to former housemate Imai Hana (good taste) from only meeting her once and, when making a date with her, he confesses to her and asks her out. A bit quick mate; even for me.

This gets worse when the charming, beautiful Rina asks him out on a semi-date to thank him for helping her with various minor troubles she was struggling with. On this date, however, he reveals his past marriage to her as well as his recent confession to Hana. Yikes. Yosuke fails to see that going on a date with another girl whilst thinking about somebody else sort of makes you a heartless dick. It was a bit selfish and he didn’t deal with it well… Which led to the internet trolls.

Internet trolls are bad. As far as I’m concerned, these anonymous people should be tracked, located and shot in front of their families to repent for the hurt they cause. But I will never be king. Yosuke is berated for his actions and, instead of ignoring these horrid cretins, he engages them and offers to fight them. He also takes his anger out on his fellow housemates which put the cherry on the shit sundae he has been making.

The thing is… this just makes him more human. Yosuke never pretended to be perfect and his outward ambivalence inadvertently made him into a popular idol for the women of the nation. And he didn’t know how to deal with that. He made mistakes but is convinced to stay in the house to fight back against the mistakes he made in succession. And I’m glad he did. Yosuke shows that people are incredibly flawed and that coming to terms with these can be harder than most like to admit. I like him. He’s a good.

I like Rina

I don’t know why I like Rina. She is forceful, funny and friendly. All good traits that begin with F. She is also incredibly cute and has a voice I could listen to on repeat. Her music is even good; three or four songs are peppered into my Japanese music playlist and I rarely skip them when they come up. It is a shame that her chance at romance this season was overshadowed by Dyki’s disaster and Yosuke’s incredible self-combustion, but I think she came out of it nicely. The sort of person I would like to meet. She’s a good.

Tecchan’s career choice and his personal growth.

When Tecchan is running, he acts better.

Seriously, it is in this season we see the fruits of Tecchan’s labours a bit more and a dramatic jump in his acting ability. The music video he performed in was good, as was the play he missed Dyki’s final match for. Tecchan, when not worrying about women, seems to be a competent young man. But don’t worry buttercup, there is some more delicious Tecchan romance coming soon…

Right. I’m actually going to have a break from these now I think. I will work on them when I feel like it but I think the quality of these posts aren’t very… good. I think writing about this show sort of strips it of the magic of watching it. A podcast or a video format would work better but I would actually need… you know, friends or colleagues for that. This will continue but not straight away. For now, I’ve been Benjamin Wagner and I endorse this message.

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