Anime Winter 2022 Season: First Episode Impressions

Anime Winter 2022 Season: First Episode Impressions

Hello, I’m Benjamin Wagner, this is my blog and today, I weeb out. I like anime. I have liked it for about 6 years at this point.

Instead of writing individual reviews for each episode I’ve watched, (something I tried years ago and it damn near killed me), instead I’m going to be brief, share a synopsis of the show, share my thoughts, a score and whether I will keep watching. The score here is not something to take seriously. For me, the first episode of a show will get a 10/10 if it manages to hook me on the premise and get me interested in continuing to watch. For me, the first episode is usually the peak of what a show can present you with. A good show will present what it is about, explain the premise and try and hook its audience. It takes a special show to continue getting better from episode one and I find that these are increasingly rare; your One Piece like long-shounen are usually the exception to this rule. Most 12 episode 1-cour shows start off with a representation of the show at its best. That means, the ‘scores’ I give here, for what they are worth, will usually be higher than my final impression of a show. I tend to find my interest fading with each passing episode as a season passes. I used to keep a spreadsheet with every anime I watched that season and a score for each episode and I will do the same this season, simply because I want to write about it. This post is about first impressions and I will post at the end of the season regarding my closing thoughts on a show. For now, let’s get animeing.

(Also, if the show is a Slice of Life, you can probably take 1-2 points off the score for my bias for the genre.)

Leadale no Daichi Nite


Following an accident, our protagonist Kagami finds herself stuck on a life support machine and her only means of escape is playing the Virtual Reality MMORPG game World of Leadale. She wakes up one morning in the body of her in-game avatar and finds that the game world has moved forward 200 years since she has been asleep. Kagami, known in-game as Cayna, moves forward to explore the land she had once escaped to, looking for anybody who can help her return to the world of the living. But there is nothing saying she can’t enjoy the world in her overpowered form while she is at it.


Starting off extremely strong with this one. I went in knowing nothing much. I go into most seasons by just reading the name on MyAnimeList, looking at the synopsis and tags and 90% of the time just trying it out. The synopsis didn’t really clue me in to how this one was going to feel. Leadale reminds me of the excellent Slime Taoshite 300 nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita (スライム倒して300年、知らないうちにレベルMaxになってました- because I like to flex that I can type Japanese I guess)in the way that the show presents itself. The slightly depressing fact of dying is quickly forgotten and the new world is portrayed as one of beauty. The comedy is also very similar and it feels like many of my favourite Slice of Life shows. We seem to be getting at least one show like this every season and despite their similarities, there is just something relaxing about them. I also found the setup and execution to be better than Harem Art Online so that’s something.

I was worried, based on the promo images, that this show would be a darker isekai story but that doesn’t really seem to be the case. I’m not a stickler for superb animation but even I can tell that what is here isn’t much better than functional. No awards will be won and the occasional usage of CG, like the sentient tower, can be a little jarring.

But I don’t care.

I like the premise. I like the humour. The characters are nice and Cayna is cute. Even the OP and ED songs are bangers. Overall, I can safely say that if you like Slice of Life anime with a little isekai twist, this will probably be one to jump on.

First Episode Score: 10/10- Suits my niche perfectly. A great first impression.

Keep Watching?: Yep. At least 3 episodes but surprised if I get bored of this. Very nice start, even if I expect it to get a little samey as the run goes on.

Hakozume: Kouban Joshi no Gyakushuu


Female police box officer Kawai is ready to quit her job and move on to her second life in a career she feels will suit her more. She is taken aback however as she puts her plans on hold as a new female sergeant, Fuji Seiko, is demoted from her high flying job in criminal affairs to be stationed at this police box. This beautiful new superior makes an impact and maybe Kawai’s career with the police isn’t finished after all.


We’re 2 for 2 so far. Much like Leadale, Hakozume was another pleasant surprise. The visuals were initially striking and this was no surprise when I put in a little research and found out that this was a Madhouse adaption; an animation company that have created many classic adaptions in their time. Whether this will be another is hard to say but what this show brought to us was something I very much enjoyed. OP and ED songs are also nice but the meat of the show is what is important.

The setting, a police box, is slightly foreign to me and that’s good. Police shows have always been an interest but this more lighthearted take on a uniquely Japanese institution in the police box (交番)is nice. There is a little mystery around Fuji’s demotion and talk of power harassment seems fake within a couple of minutes but this isn’t the main focus. This is another anime in my wheelhouse; slice of life, comedy. And it is the comedy that makes this stand out; I found myself twice laughing out loud and many times more quietly chuckling along. Kakozume isn’t as cutesy and light-hearted as many of my first-choice anime but I feel that this one could have a more wide-ranging appeal than many other slice of life comedy shows. Oddly, Kakozume reminds me of Gokushufudou (Househusband Netflix) in terms of comedy and subverting expectations about a profession. It was nice to see a little bit of the reality regarding being a young policewoman and the stress it could put you under, even if this is played for laughs. Honestly, as far as first impressions go, I want to keep watching so I will. Success, methinks.

First Episode Score: 10/10- Great introduction to the concept and was consistently funny and engaging.

Keep Watching?: Yes. Comedy shows like this often tail off and struggle to last the full 12 week run but this one could buck that trend.



Musashi wants to be a bushi (武士- Samurai or Warrior). His dreams are destined to go unfulfilled however as the eternal enemy of the bushi have triumphed and reign over the humans. On the surface, they seem to be benevolent and allow the humans to live fairly comfortably, only asking for the humans to mine for them in return for their kindness. Quickly, society turns on the bushi and begin worshipping the oni (demons). Musashi is undeterred and, alongside childhood friend Kojirou Kanemaki, fights against the system and busts into the harsh reality of hunting the oni and attempting to purge society of them.

First Impressions:

Shounen manga originally got me into anime. My first willingly watched anime was One Piece and it is still the most special one in my heart. The few months following that lead me to watch the classics: Fairy Tail, Naruto, Bleach and many other big-name shows. I like typical Shounen battle anime and Orient seems to be a very good example of them. Musashi is a good example of the straightforward shounen protagonist but seems to be a little smarter than your Luffy or Natsu as he puts up with the pain and abuse for many years before this episode takes place. I find the setup of the world interesting and reminiscent of Yakusoku no Neverland in the way that the demons are in charge and are essentially enslaving humanity secretly. The way in which this is presented is what really convinced me, as the whitewashing of history by the victor is a concept that modern society is currently dealing with; particularly in the former British empire in which I was birthed. The sinister, slimy brainwashing of the young was particularly poignant and was enough to get me invested before the action even kicked off.

And the action is good. The fight scene was nothing special but was animated nicely and if a character is shouting a name of a special move, I’m probably going to be a fan. I was a little taken aback by Musashi’s friend arriving on a motorcycle but this seems to be accepted in the world by the Oni so I will let it slide, as odd as it does seem. This fits every mould a shounen anime first episode requires: likeable protagonist, interesting world, showy action and a show of MC strength to begin with. Orient is a very shounen anime.

And in recent years, Boku no Hero Academia, Kimetsu no Yaiba and Jujutsu Kaisen have shown that there is plenty of quality produce in the bosom of Japanese shounen media and Orient might be good enough to join this list of plucky newcomers. It’s better than Boruto already.

Oh, and the OP is another banger. Music seems to be good this season.

First Episode Score: 10/10- Introduces a strong concept, the action was good and the characters are great. The perfect first episode for me.

Keep Watching?: It’s been a while since I enjoyed a shounen battle anime this much. Watch for a while but more likely to pick up the manga, if I’m honest.

Slow Loop


Hiyori, a high school girl who was taught fishing by her deceased fishing enjoys spending her time pursuing one of her father’s hobbies. She enjoys this quiet time and especially enjoys her alone time… Which is broken by an incredibly energetic young girl who she saves from jumping into the ocean in March and freezing to death. It turns out that the girl, Koharu, is her new stepsister and their relationship begins to blossom as they slowly fish and grow accustomed to one another. Slow Loop follows the pursuit of these two different yet likeable individuals.

First Impressions:

This is more like what I expected from this season. Slow Loop seems to be the quintessential decent slice of life. The sort of thing that averages out on MyAnimeList at around 6.8. This sort of show is fairly niche but is my 大好物(Favourite dish). Slow Loop takes the relatively niche hobby of fishing, puts a couple of cute anime high school girls in it and creates a relaxing, friendly experience for the viewer. My dad is a fisherman and if there were more smiles and jokes like the ones between Hiyori and Koharu, we would probably still be talking. Frankly, the animation isn’t great, the art style is servicable and the plot of the opening episode is passable at best.

But I don’t care.

Slice of life anime like this is very much my most-watched media. If a Slice of Life show has been released in the last 12 years, you can bet your bottom dollar I have either seen it or started it. And this show falls foul of something I like to call the Sansha Sanyou effect: an anime you will enjoy whilst watching it but inevitably forget about soon after.

Slice of Life shows need to do a lot to stand out because standing out is very much against their nature. They are not trying to be top of the pack front runners; this show will never attract the audience of One Piece or Shingeki no Kyojin. Heck, Slow Loop won’t attract the same number of people who watched Yuru Camp. That doesn’t mean it is without value. And that value is 20-25 minutes of zero-stakes anime cuteness with the odd bit of activity-related information peppered in for good measure. Slow Loop is a ready salted crisp; nothing special, but still very tasty.

First Episode Score: 8/10– A nice setup for another slice of life show. Does little to separate it from the bevvy of shows before it but is still an enjoyable watch.

Keep Watching?: Yep. This seems like the sort of thing I enjoy. I will probably watch this more than ‘critically superior’ shows because low-stakes Slice of Life is my jam.


Synopsis: Up and coming voice actresses train together to reach their dreams. It seems that it was based on a mobile phone gacha game, which explains all the characters. Based on episode 1, this show should show girls trying to become professional seiyuu (voice actors). Other than that, I have no clue.

First Impressions:

I am both underwhelmed and surprised by Cue!. Based on the one-sentence synopsis on MyAnimeList, I had no idea what to expect. Once I started, I saw what was coming. Think Love Live or Idolish 7 with voice actresses. 15, count them, 15 aspiring voice actresses join a brand new production agency with a famous voice actress at the helm. This actually reminds me of the live action show I watched recently (Gal Gaku) and I quite liked that. In my experience, the first episode of these shows is just the base introduction to the often overly large cast. But, this was one of the better ones. To this day, Idolmaster has the best first episode in this field but I was quite entertained by this one.

The characters all seem to be paper thin cliches but some of these cliches are still entertaining. Using the first episode to actually show some voice acting action was nice and gives a taste for what might be to come. I also thought the anime looked quite good; graphically striking and although the animation was limited, I quite liked what I saw.

Yes. None of this blew me away but I didn’t want to skip forward or turn off. I actually want to keep watching so, I think that’s a success. Surprised me, anyway.

Oh. And hearing Shakespeare in Japanese made me nauseous.

First Episode Score: 7/10- Better than I thought. So many characters make it hard to remember any of their names but I found the show to be enjoyable. For now.

Keep Watching?: Maybe. Shows like this usually run out of steam but I’ll keep going for now.

Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja


Kagami is a gamer. He plays the Virtual Reality MMORPG Arch Earth Online; a veteran with an appearance similar to the bearded fellow from a Tolkein book. However, as this is an anime, he decides to buy something with some currency that is about to expire; an appearance change to a young girl. Oh, and it turns out that he is now stuck in a world similar to the game as his now female character! What is going on!?

First Impressions:

Ark Earth Online said in a Japanese accent that sounds like Ark Ass Online. I like that.

Anyway… Typical MMO set up by the looks of it. The game itself seems similar to a serious PVP MMO, like Albion Online or Mortal Online or even New World, in which the players skill seems to determine how they progress. The more powerful players prosper and the others fall by the wayside. The protagonist here really prospered. The basic setup has the world of the game saved by nine players known as the nine wise men/ nine sages. This is fairly interesting. The episode… isn’t. Most of it is very… wordy. A lot of over-explanation on the world itself and it doesn’t do enough to really get me excited about the anime itself. Don’t worry, I’m sure this will get better but this episode only makes a mediocre first impression at best.

On the animation front, it is very average. A lot of still images and basic movements are used and even the characters and art look very… standard. It isn’t low effort but nothing looks impressive. Some of the CG looks downright bad.

I mean… I wasn’t expecting much from a light novel adaption I’d never heard of but there is some hope. With all the setup done, I can look forward to a more interesting show. I also found the fight scene entertaining; not because of the average at best fight scenes but the signing angel who appears next to the main character. Plus seeing his overpowered form was nice.

Oh yeah, the changing into the female bit seems very tacked on. I find lots of these shows who put men in female characters can forget the inner character is male and they just act like females from then on. Hope that doesn’t happen here. But the fact I couldn’t tell that the female character is actually the old man from the first 20 minutes without reading the synopsis is truly awful. They must have run out of budget because the final 5 minutes doesn’t even have any voice acting. Honestly, this show seems to have little going for it but hopefully it will get better. Based on the normal first episode peak, it doesn’t look likely. In a genre that is packed, this MMO Isekai game anime is truly a mediocre flop.

First Episode Score: 4/10- Confusing, ugly and not all that fun to watch. Potential but not used well here.

Keep Watching: Unsure. Potential to be a 6-7/10 anime like Death March by the end but this first episode blew. I see enough to give it one more episode.

Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja (I’ve read some of the manga for this one)


In a world of magic and wonder, your ability is determined by the crest you are born with( a mark that shows the magical aptitude a person holds). An incredibly skilled mage maxes out his potential and plays his trump card; reincarnation. He reincarnates as Mathias, the third son of a minor noble but he is born with the crest he desires. However, at this time, this crest is derided and thought of as the weakest one. Mathias resolves himself to uncover this scheme and work out why humanity has become so weak over the last 200 years.

First Impressions:

Not great, if I’m honest. This adaption starts in a slightly odd place. The reincarnation isn’t explained very well and we jump straight into Mathias being 12 years old, heading off to the royal academy and meeting his companions. We are then rushed into Mathias destroying the entrance exam and then fighting the rival school that has distorted the way that magic is taught in this time. All in 20 minutes. Rushed is an understatement. In the manga, to get this point it takes 7 chapters. 7 long, well-paced entertaining chapters. This puts the adaption at a disadvantage that decent visuals, good voice acting and strong action scenes can’t make up for. I hope that the show chose to rush the first episode to pace the rest of the series better but this left me really disappointed. No. More than that. I’m annoyed. We have skipped so much content and whilst the following storylines are very good indeed, without the strong base to fall on, I feel that this anime could really struggle to gain the audience it probably deserves.

Because of my enjoyment of the manga, I can take this adaption with a pinch of salt. However, for those just enjoying the anime for what it is… This sort of sucks.

First Episode Score: 5/10- A strong story that is poorly adapted.

Keep Watching?: Yes. The story from the manga is enjoyable but I hope they pace it better from now on.

Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (I very much like this manga. A lot)


Gojo Wakana is the grandson of a skilled Hina doll maker and wishes to emulate him. However, he is left with some minor trauma after a childhood friend of his berates him for his love of ‘girlish things’. Gojo keeps himself to himself until classmate Kitagawa Marin discovers him sewing one day. Instead of mocking him, she asks for his help as she pursues her secret hobby: cosplay! Gojo is thrown into a new world of clothing design and fashion as he and Kitagawa bond and grow through this odd connection.

First Impressions:

The complete opposite of Shikkakumon… This first episode is paced perfectly. It doesn’t skip out on the foundation of this tale. We are shown Gojo’s trauma. We are shown his shyness and anxiety around others. We are shown the instant effect that Marin has on him and the personalities have been nailed down perfectly. The episode doesn’t try and be overly funny and lets the author’s story shine through. Yes, some will argue that a slice of life/romance story like this one doesn’t need perfect pacing but it really helps here. And, by the way, I still laughed out loud here because the final scene was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Also. It looks incredible. This is a very pretty anime and it shows that the budget for this one might be a little higher than some of its rivals. Even the OP song fits the tone of the show perfectly as well. Honestly, this first episode is everything I wished it to be. A little bit of happiness has crept into my soul. (Don’t worry, it’ll leave soon).

First Episode Score: 10/10- I like the manga. I like this episode too.

Keep Watching?: Of course. What a stupid question.

Akebi-Chan no Sailor Fuku (I like this manga too!)


A young girl joins the private middle school her mother went to in her prime because she loves the sailor-style uniform that they wore. The anime follows the normal life of this energetic and extraordinary girl as she makes friends and lives her happiest life.

First Impressions:

Right. Please bear with me as I try and explain why I like this… The episode shows young Akebi Komachi being accepted to a middle school, spending time with her family, trying on her uniform, finding out the school now has a different uniform but she can wear her old one anyway and showing Komachi’s first day of school. All of these things in real life are dull. In anime, they are somehow interesting. The beauty that is found in the normal.

Some scenes are a little gratuitous in how they present Akebi but this was the same in the manga. There was also a scene where a blond girl cut her toe nails and then sniffed them. Which was weird. But again, this was in the manga. This scene felt weirdly real but also as if it could appeal to the weirdest fetishists out there. I’m sure my friend Dan would enjoy this scene.
It helps that this anime can look very pretty as well; the cherry blossom scene reminds me of the recent Cup Noodle adverts. Some of the faces and details look a little off but I think of this as more of a style than anything and it was nothing that distracted me from the 25 minutes of relaxing, healing anime that Akebi provided me. Kudos, my dear. May you bring smiles to the faces of many.

First Episode Score: 10/10. My slice of life bias comes in with full effect here.

Keep Watching?: Yep. Like the manga and this has the same sort of happy feel to it.

Kaijin Kaihatsu Bu no Kuroitsu San

Hell if I know.
Well. The show follows Kuroitsu-san, a researcher for an evil organisation. She specialises in monster development and attempts to please her bosses by creating monsters enough to take down the heroes that stop the company from prospering. However, it seems that things won’t be quite as smooth as they had hoped in the path to World Domination.

First Impressions:

A workplace comedy wasn’t really what I was expecting but, yeah, this works. I’m not really into the Kamen Mask style hero stories but pursuing the comedy in developing monsters to take down heroes is fairly unique. The absurdity of an evil society having normal board meetings to decide on the new murderer of the week. The interactions between Kuroitsu and her bosses are entertaining and the scene where she attempts to convince the board that the rushed monster is actually an ingeniously designed powerhouse. I enjoyed the argument between Kuroitsu and the board members being staged as a fight as well (even if the arguments were a bit stupid) akin to the Yakuza 7 boardroom fights.

The thing is… It wasn’t really that interesting. The episode was a fine way to spend 20 minutes but it isn’t funny enough or different enough to stand out amongst some other very good comedy anime. Nothing here was really special enough to make this anime stick in mind. It looked fine, sounded fine and the voice acting was pretty decent. But there isn’t enough here to really encourage me to think this could get better. Don’t get me wrong, if you have nothing else to do, this is a good way to spend your time but it is just very middle of the road.

First Episode Score: 6/10- A fine if not overly memorable first episode

Keep Watching: Don’t know. Watch episode 2 but I doubt I’ll see this through.

Futsal Boys


In a world where things are as they should be, Futsal has become a worldwide phenomenon. The main character Yamato Haru longs to play the game after watching the Japanese team play at the U18 world cup. He joins the team at his local high school and endeavours to become a player who can compete with his idol: Tennjouji Tokinari.

First Impressions:

If Kuroke No Basuke were bad, it would be Futsal Boys. It is weird when the first episode of an anime feels padded. Having two matches instead of one ruined the pacing for me and I found the characters to be mere shadows of real human beings. The action feels less than fluid and, despite some nice character art, the show feels a little budgeted to me. The story of the episode, meeting the team and then playing some delinquents at futsal, because of course, is just so… dull? It also ends on a sort of cliffhanger and that irks me even more.

I don’t know. I’m not actually that negative about this but I’m far from positive too. There is some enjoyment to be found in this show but it just reeks of being entirely average to me. It feels as if this anime is simply bait for eager Fujoshi or just an advert for a gacha game that will probably follow sometime soon.

First Episode Score: 4/10- Vanilla and static. A bit crap really.

Keep Watching?: Nope. Not on your balls.

Bara Ou no Souetsu


I don’t get it. Basically, this is the English War of the Roses, something I know very little about, but anime as fuck. From what I understand, we will follow Richard of Gloucester as he and his family attempt to take the throne from the current king Henry VI.

First Impressions:

A couple of things.. I’m not into historical shows and this one is clearly taking inspiration from real life instead of simply retelling a tale. But it’s just really weird man. As an Englishman, this whole thing just seems so weird. Richard seems to be some sort of demon; possessed by Japan’s favourite historical figure Joan of Arc and he is intersex (which is fine but I don’t understand how that enhances this story). Henry refers to himself as a shepherd and just happens to meet Richard after his father’s supposed loss. There is also a scene where Richard is almost raped… maybe? He escapes and we find out he has breasts? And that Henry has been captured? I mean, I struggled to follow any of this.

On the positive side, the animation was quite good and the anime looked very good overall. The voices were very fitting and the sounds were good too. I mean, this means nothing when the story is as it is. I find the possessed by a devil thing to be… terrible. If you can paint it as a mental illness instead of a demon, I would probably be more open to this storyline; as anxiety and depression can be a real killer. But aside from the demon the whole show also seems to border on Boys Love territory. I mean, I actually hated the whole episode. I won’t be watching this unless I really want to see how it ends in a few months.

First Episode Score: 3/10- Not really my thing; the story bounced off of me and I found it tedious and confusing.

Keep Watching?: No. Shocker.

Tensei Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jutsu


The prince of a small kingdom in the north wants nothing more than to sell his country and retire from the stressful life of a royal leader. His problem is that he is too good at his job to actually fail enough to leave it. With his country in debt and piranhas snapping at the borders, the prince inadvertently ends up earning the favour of his people and retirement seems further away than ever!

First Impressions:

A comedy with not a great deal of comedy. The concept is not that uncommon; taking one central joke and stretching it into a full series. The joke here is that the prince, our main man, wants to sell his country off so he can run off and retire. The problem is he seems to be quite competent at his job and can’t retire. This episode follows a war, the loss of which would give the prince an out and relieve him of the pressure of leading his country. However, he wins inadvertently and his country loves him more than ever. Nothing about this episode was particularly bad; the animation is fine and I quite like the character of the prince. The thing is, I didn’t find it particularly entertaining or funny. Well. That’s not strictly true. I wasn’t bored watching the episode but I just expected this to be more of a comedy outing than it was. Honestly, the more I think about it, the more I think that this episode was actually okay. I found the plans that he made in order to lose were more interesting than funny but still enjoyed watching it play out. It is a weird feeling to watch a comedy that you don’t find funny but still enjoyed. This seems to me like it will be the sort of show that grows during its run and is probably worth applying the three-episode rule to see if this is worth seeing out. It isn’t stand-out but at least it isn’t boring. Nyan.

First Episode Score: 7/10- I quite like this even if the main joke isn’t that funny. The relationship between the prince and his assistant will most likely be the biggest draw.

Keep Watching?: Maybe. Definitely 3 episodes but unsure after that.

Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to


A dull bachelor and his handsome friend, after an unsuccessful mixer, are transported to another world by a goddess in an LED screen. However, due to Tachibana Hinata’s drunken mumblings, she believes that he wishes to be a beautiful girl and grants him that wish. His handsome friend, Jinguji Tsukasa is brought along with him in his normal form. Will their friendship for one another become something more as Hinata’s new stunning appearance takes its effect? Can they defeat the demon king before they fall for one another? Who knows, but there will be a lot of hijinks to enjoy along the way!

First Impressions:

Weird concept but nicely executed. I’m not really into this gender-bender stuff but, for what it is, this first episode is quite entertaining. Jinguji only wants to look out for his friend but inadvertently ends up stealing the female gaze from him.

The same-sex relationship dynamic is played for laughs here but the possible offence is lessened as his friend (Tachibana) is quickly turned into a petite blonde haired girl and transported to another world with Jinguji. They are brought to this world as heroes and forced to defeat the demon king in order to have their wish granted by the Goddess of Beauty and Love/ Weird LED screen lady. The jokes that surround the two trying to get used to the sex change and their natural attraction to one another. I don’t know where the series is really going to go from here but it is at least a fairly unique take on the fantasy isekai genre and is well worth a look; even if the gender bender and borderline Yaoi stuff aren’t to your taste, the comedy is strong enough and self-aware enough to justify a look.

First Episode Score: 7/10- I liked it but it wasn’t that special (except a couple of Kirito references in the OP

Keep Watching?: Probably. Went in expecting to dislike it but I think this might grow on me.

I watched the first episode of Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki 2nd Season but as I didn’t watch season 1 (just read the manga), I won’t be commenting on it here. It’s good though, you should watch it.

I didn’t watch Shingeki no Kyojin Final Season Part 2 because I have not read the manga or watched any of the anime. Seems odd to start now.

I didn’t watch Sabikui Bisco because the trailer made me feel repulsed. Tribe Nine simply didn’t appeal. Arifureta had a dodgy first season and I can’t be bothered to watch the 2nd.

And that’s it. That is the anime of this season. I think that I have a good 4-5 shows I’ll see through to the end; maybe a couple of others as well if I feel like it but there are one or two real stinkers as well. The final two comedies I mentioned were better than I expected but will probably appeal to others more than me. Seems like a decent season but only time will tell. Anyway, I’ve been Benjamin Wagner, I tell you to watch some a-nime and I endorse this message.

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